Sun,Oct 24 ,2021

Details of Life

Nabil Ahmed ALkhadher


The right of every child to life is an inherent right, and the guarantee of every state for this right is of upmost importance, not only that, but also to ensure the survival and development of this child.

Well-being, happiness, development and upbringing are all in the best interest of the child, everything in the best interests of the child must be of unique importance.

Details of Life is a pictorial translation of Article 6 of the Rights Child Convention, which calls for attention to the right of children to life, survival and development.

Child's Rights Library series issued by DAMANAT Foundation for Human Rights & Freedom, written by Nabil Ahmed Alkhadher, illustrated and designed by Mahad Alshiekh‎‏, in cooperation with Ashwaq Bakrin in consultation on the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Sun,Oct 24 ,2021